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Oct 2, 2012 4:30am EDT
. >>> remembering a prominent local professor killed in a freak accident. police say rhett leverett was killed yesterday morning when a car jumped the curb as he was walking his dog. the driver of the car had a medical emergency and lost control of the wheel. leverett was a history professor at marymount university. his dog was not hurt in the accident and is now being cared for by a neighbor. >>> d.c. is now home to a brand new, state of the art forensics crime lab. that building located near the national mall in southwest officially opened yesterday. it has facilities for testing firear firearms, running flu tests, and analyzing chemicals in potential terror attacks. it cost $2 million and took more than three years to build. >> what it gives to the area to increase and expand the ability to do forensic analysis and solve crimes is enormous. >> until now, d.c. this to rely on an fbi lab in quantico. >>> some more progress this morning in the fight against foreclosures in hard hit prince william county after a meeting organized by local church leaders. virginiians organized for interfaith com
Oct 3, 2012 4:30am EDT
. the so-called fusion centers were meant to help local, state and federal officials fight terrorism, but the report says the 77 centers have become pools of wasteful spending. it also cites potential spying on american musliming that may have broken privacy laws. >>> it has been ten years since the men known as the beltway snipers terrorized our region. the first victim was in wheaton. a total of ten people died. one victim's sister has raised more than $100,000 towards scholarships to help students go to college. >> we have to hope for change. and sometimes it's all in our attitude. >> mohammed was executed in 2009. malvo is 27 years old and serving multiple life sentenceses without the possibility of parole. >>> d.c. council members will discuss lowering fines for people caught speeding. for most first time offenders, you'll see a fine of $150. traffic camera ticket charges have gone up by as much as 500% in the past four years and that has a lot of drivers complaining that the program is severally there to raise money, not to encourage saver driving. jack evans is proposing somet
Oct 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
. the pair was linked to 27 shootings across the country. >>> a local pilot and his 13- year-old son are dead after their single engine cessna crashed into a spotsylvania county mobile home park. >> eyewitnesses on the ground say the pilot's actions may have prevented more deaths. armondo trull has more. >> the plane was coming over. heard the tree branches breaking. immediately looked over and saw the impact. >> reporter: what does it take to rush into a dangerous situation like that? you didn't give it a second thought. you jest went right up there. >> you would hope someone would do it for you. >> reporter: that plane could have blown up. >> that was not a concern of mine. two lives in there were more a concern than anything else. >> reporter: you can see how close the flight path is to this community. when the plane came crashing down last night, there were dozens of people, including kids, enjoying an early fall evening, and they say the pilot's attempt to keep from crashing into the mobile homes on either side might have been his last-ditch effort to save lives. >> the airplane came str
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3